World Cup Germany ! Die Weltmeisterschaft DEUTSCHLAND HUP HUP!!

Can you believe it was just four years ago of the last world cup. Time flies quickly people. I was working in a cafe as a bartender and sometimes doing tours on the side to earn extra money and watching all of the action with a beer in hand. It was crazy busy and people from all around the world were coming in and showing pride for their country playing. Really a wonderful first experience for me living here in Amsterdam


In an awe inspiring series of events during the 2014 World Cup ,we have seen the German players take the world cup by storm , and it looks like they are back to defend their title!. Back then of course the Netherlands was also playing, but unfortunately we didnt qualify this year! Jammer Joh


SOO looks like we have to pay attention to Germany since they are our neighbor and defending champion!


Our coffeeshop and red light district tours were smaller back then, its funny to see how in four years we have grown to be one of the number one partners of Get your Guide and Viator and making headlines in the news here in the netherlands! Are you coming on our tours this month ? The cafes that we go to during the tours all have the world cup playing, so no worries you ‘ll still be able to catch all the action, while enjoying the Red Light District Crawl and party tour and the daytime Ganja tour.

Look out for some new tours coming this month too inspire you!




Viel Spasse noch! Have fun everyone!



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