Winter Time Is Here

Do you feel the cold in the air,

Is it sending chills down your spine. You could be indeed experiencing, Winter!

After an amazing summer, that was totally extended into the end of October ( Due to global warming, but dont tell Donald Trump that) We had an amazing summer here. Over 6,586 Tickets sold, to more than 9.000 People who joined in on our adventures!

Now as we are looking forward to wrapping up 2018, heres some new developments here at Oranje Umbrella.

We have developed the red light district game tour! Its one thing to just walk around with someone and have to shout some facts to you. Its another to see if you retain those facts, and then win a prize afterwards.

Also if your like me,you like a bit of competition. I can literally play uno, dominos, or any trivia game for hours and if I didnt win; You can best beleive we are going to play it again.

Well now we have taken my competitve spirit, or my personality disorders and ego whatever, and combined it into a fun game, where not only do you learn, but you get some pretty neat facts.

The only equipment you need, is your own iphone and a website! Can you imagine that!

Using our friends over at kahoot, we think this is really the future of tours, and activities

You learn more, and pay attention to more things when you are in a competition. This not only creates the ability for you to make friends, but also to interact with your environment to create exciting memories that will last forever.

Now if that doesnt warm your cold, dead hearts, I dont know what will!

We are going to keep it hot and exciting here during the winter time at Oranje Umbrella, let us know how you plan to spend your holidays!

To buy tickets head on over to our partner at Get Your Guide! Red Light District Game Show!

Love always