Why you should make Amsterdam your Spring holiday destination

Finding an appropriate holiday destination to suit your needs can be stressful. Where to go, when to go, what’s going on while you’re there and so on. I’m going to try and answer all of the above and assist you in making a decision that will forever be memorable.

Amsterdam’s high seasons when the most tourists decide to holiday here are summer and winter. This leaves the fall and spring seasons for the more affordable pricing of hotel rooms, and when prices of everything visitors spend their money on are lower. With Amsterdam enduring cold winter periods, the spring starts to bring back a bit of the happiness and warmth, with temperatures rising to between 8 degrees Celsius in March and 16 degrees Celsius in May. If you time your trip to suit early March, you will get the best combination between prices, weather and things to do in Amsterdam. Summer visits will always be the most expensive, despite the weather not reaching scorching temperatures. However, Amsterdam makes up for the lack of heat with a large range of activities to do in order to keep yourself suitably entertained while you are in Amsterdam.

Spring in Amsterdam kicks off the festival season in Amsterdam which sees almost as many festivals per year as there are days in a year. Starting off with Don’t Let Daddy Know in the beginning of March at the famous Ziggo Dome, Loveland in early April and the Netherlands’ national holiday of Kingsday on April 27th, there are plenty of options to experience the true Amsterdam festival scene, which is unrivalled worldwide in the techno and dance music industry.

King’s Day is held on April 27th, during the middle of spring and is the celebration of King Willem-Alexander’s birthday. While hotel vacancy might be harder to come by during the national holiday of the kings birthday celebration, it certainly is a wonderful time to vacation in Amsterdam. With plenty of parties, festivals and all kinds of festive gatherings imaginable going on across the city, you’re sure to have an immense amount of fun in the incredibly multi cultured city that is Amsterdam. Millions of people will line the streets of Amsterdam in festive moods, with the uniform being the typical colour of orange.

Spring in Amsterdam also brings National Museum Week, which means that many of Amsterdam’s famous museums will be showcasing the cultural heritage of the Netherlands. From lower ticket prices to even free entry to certain museums, this is a prime opportunity to check out famous museums such as the Amsterdam Sex Museum, Rijksmuseum and grasp the real beauty of Van Gogh’s artistry, located on Museumplein.


If you love the sight of flowers, then spring is the perfect time to visit Amsterdam for you. With tulips being one of the Netherlands’ main exports, the countryside is blooming abundantly with these multicoloured flowers. You’ll find plenty of flowers around the city, making for additional appealing scenery which compliments the canals of Amsterdam beautifully.