Video Update coming soon!

Hello ..Yes you….are you still alive. Is this the 2020 movie or have I been dreaming this entire time. If you are still reading this message, consider yourself lucky! You are surviving and thriving a world epidemic that has basically, bored the shit out of me, and made me irritated and watching my fingernails grow! But there is hope in the distance! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

We are open.! Yes I said it, its true, we are open and ready to accept people back on our tours! Things are slowly yet surely opening up again here in Holland. Yes you can go to restaurants, yes you can even go to bars, and sit on a terrace or roof top, allbeit with 1,5 meter distance between you and other people, while wearing a mouth mask if possible. But its life! Its outside! and tis summer! Tis the season to get jolly before it maybe all goes back to shit again

Book a tour with us, come back, and check back here in a few hours for my video blog update! Cause we are upgrading bitches!!

Lots of love health and happiness

Oranje Umbrella