Valentines Day

Are you like the rest of the world? Did you already make plans for Valentines day with your sweetie, and have an amazing night planned?

No? are you a loser and single on the most romantic day of the year? Yes

either or we have plans for you!

IF you have a significant other, and are coming to Amsterdam, we have romantic private tours starting from 100 Euros that take you around Amsterdam and even reserve dinner for you at exclusive restaurants already booked for February 14th!

Give us an email at and we can help you plan the perfect night out in Amsterdam!

Are you single on Valentines day?! Even better! Dont spend it alone. Did you know people have taken our red light tour and gotten together. We have brought people together who were alone and left our tour with a date! Come and make some new friends with people on our tours ( Also Gay and Bi Friendly) you never know! Your next date could be waiting for you in the Dam! Come hang out with us and dont spend Valentines day alone! 🙂 we have everyone covered

as for us….I’ll hopefully be surrounded by chocolates and flowers!


Oranje Umbrella