Up in Smoke Campaign!

Did you know that I am an international world acclaimed fashion designer?

Me neither!…….. But Im going to give it a try. Coupled with some of the most talented graphic designers in the world I am all about packages. I know that sounds dirty, but what I mean is how products are displayed to the world. I am obsessed with taking something that is otherwise dirty, and usually shabby, and showing it off like its a diamond freshly made. Makes sense right?

Sort of a rags to riches look, and that’s exactly what I did with our ganja tour. I took an already well known concept like Marijuana and dressed it up, with education, biterballen, and good looking university educated guides to give the impression that Marijuana, when packages correctly, can be a fun and safe product.

Now with the the change in legislation and general attitude toward marijuana, ( possibly because most millennials now have so much stress that taking a puff of a join in comparison to downing a pack of beers) is much more widely accepted now.

As a result i noticed that most of the clothes and street fashion out there demonstrating marijuana appreciation, isn’t , well that flattering?

It fits the old stereotype that a pothead or someone who smokes weed consistently is ragged, dirty, has dread locks etc etc. Its time to change that.

I am now presenting our Up In Smoke Fashion Campaign.

What is you ask?

I have no idea sometimes where I get these ideas from, but what I will tell you, is I want to start dressing those who smoke weed, and make them look better, more presentable, more ready, not only for the world but eventually for the workplace.

Marijuana is an herb, harmless, safe, and fun, and should be enjoyed, with caution, just as much as alcohol cigarettes and the like.

If you like weed, and want to show it off, while still keeping up with trend and style, our shop is the right place for you.

We are debuting our spring 2019 collection now , however you can expect some winter designs to pop up in the future that will inspire your ganja dreams whilst keeping you warm!

while your at it, are you coming to Amsterdam for christmas?

Have a look at the tours we offer and get you or a loved one a gift.

The gift. Of Marijuana.

Oh and Amsterdam