Smoking Pedals Ganja Bicycle Tour

Too tired to walk around Amsterdam for two hours? Try a leisurely bicycle ride. Price of the tour includes cost to rent bicycle for at least 4 hours including insurance! Learn the streets of Amsterdam and join the exciting bicycle culture. More advanced coffee shop or cannabis users will LOVE this Ganja bike tour!
P.S Only available on this tour: We show you how to make your own 50 Euro specialty hand made cannabis product!( sold seperately)

Tour Duration: Approximately 2 Hours
​Maximum Number of People per Group: 8
Tour Type: Guided bike tour
Tour Price: € 49,95 per person
* Must have credit card in order to reserve bike, policy of Mac’s Bikes, not Oranje Umbrella

*** Tours must be reserved BY EMAIL with our company, and you will receive confirmation ***

Tour highlights:

  • Learn about historical Central Station
  • Rent a safe, stylish bicycle covered by insurance!
  • ​Check out the neighbourhood coffee shops frequented by the locals! (Chill, Relax and fun)
  • ​Ride past the windows of the Red Light District
  • ​Ring your bell at the other tourist to get out of your way, just like the Dutch
  • Exclusive Shots at O’Reillys!

What’s included:

  • Bicycle Tour guide with knowledge of the best cannabis selections, most relaxing coffee shops and snacks!
  • Feeling safe while roaming around the crazy streets, canals, and alleys of Amsterdam
  • 3 hour bicycle rental
  • 1 stroopwaffel
  • 1 shot or brandywine / or 1 beer or wine ( softdrinks are also available)

What’s NOT included:

  • Items bought at coffee shops
  • One person in the party must have credit card available to reserve bicycles ( policy of bicycle rental company not Oranje Umbrella)
  • Items bought at Souvenir shops
  • ​Drinks at cafe’s etc. are not included

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