Last Chance ! Last Dance

Can you imagine kids, an era is coming to an end here in Amsterdam. The Red Light District tour has officially been banned in Amsterdam! Can you imagine? No more fun strolling past the windows and learning about the history or about the stories of the women. You will have to wonder through it on your own. For some reason the Amsterdam gementee ( that means the municipality) think that will help decrease the noise and foot traffic of the red light district. After writing a lengthy letter to the mayor (Burgemeester Femka Halesma) Of Amsterdam and the city council, … Read more

Roaming around the past photos of Amsterdam

A good friend of ours showed our staff at the Oranje Umbrella some cool pictures of Amsterdam form the 1890’s on. After doing dozens of walking tours, I’ve become well acquainted with the history, and changes made over time here in Amsterdam. Looking at the pictures, however, makes it even more surreal as you can visibly see the change not only in style, clothes, but also the terrain! Over time, dams were filled in, canals built, and even more beauty added to the unique city that is our Amsterdam. Here is a look at some of the fun pictures I … Read more