Wenham Carter

What a year and a blast its been! We had the pleasure of having a wonderful firm from the United Kingdom popping over to Amsterdam to have a private city tour and enjoy the history and culture of our fine city. The end of our 2014 was a fun one! This group contacted our skilled tour guide planners to create the perfect evening for their company Christmas party in Amsterdam. We started with drinks of course next to the historic Oude Kerk in the Red Light District, learned some of the history, had more drinks and then of course ended … Read more

Christmas Time Is Here

With the holidays fast approaching, we have been super busy here at the Oranje Umbrella. Even though most walking tours have a bit of down time, we have been just getting started! We have been busy planning Christmas Parties,and private group tours for our fresh batch of visitors this month. Many large groups like traveling to the Amsterdam area during the Christmas holiday in order to enjoy our Christmas Market or our “Kerstmarkt”. The Christmas market originally was created around the late middle ages and spread through out France, Austria and mainly Germany. While the Netherlands used to be a … Read more

Drugs Alert Amsterdam

cocaine alert



Usually on our tours we give two disclaimers during the tour. 1) We make no commissions, from the shops and restaurants that we are visiting so Please don’t tip our guides and then ask them to buy drugs for you in the city. Some of our last tours unfortunately some people have still been requesting guides to purchase them some safe extra drugs to try as a result of the message posted below.


We would like to address this. First, we are happy that our fair city of Amsterdam makes sure to warn travel guests with these … Read more

Libson Portugal!!

What whirlwind couple of weeks its been. It seems our company has been getting busier going into the end of 2014 than ever before! Which is great of course
So what have some of our team been up to. Lots of travelling over the world as all of our guides have other jobs that also take them to exciting and new locations! One guide in particular, Erik recently got back from Libson Portgual after teaching English and developing a possible new tour of the city. In his explorations he discovered some amazing things, such as ancient Roman ruins, amazing food … Read more

Red Light District Special

Soooo even though its been getting colder in Amsterdam, things have been heating up on our Red Light District Walking and Party Tour!  Over the last few weeks we’ve been lucky enough to welcome some great people to join our groups and many have been from stag parties, couples weekends, or individual customers who have bought a ticket from our website and ended up making long lasting ties with fellow new friends who came on our adventure. We have had couples meet up and fall in love, while also turning strangers into friends to explore the city together!

One of … Read more

Amsterdam is AWESOME at Christmas ( walking tour)

Our top secret labs are currently developing some new products and activities to roll out to your our happy customer. Have you been on one of our walking tours and wandered can it get any better! Well , yes, it totally can!


Amsterdam at Christmas is almost as awesome as Amsterdam in the spring/summer( sometimes the cold can suck, but we’ll have ways to keep you warm during our walking tour. ( So didn’t mean that in a dirty way)

I stumbled across a wonderful article that spells out the awesomeness that is Amsterdam, even if you don’t take … Read more

Get Your Guide

Have you found us on Get Your Guide ?


We have a fabulous working partnership with two large booking companies. Get your guide, and Hotelbeds.com, who is our working partnership with TUI AG. Although you can book any of our tours on these websites, you can’t have access to our ultimate walking tours of Amsterdam’s Red Light District( including shots) on these websites. Also our bicycle tours are not available through these websites however, if your looking for these tours just book them here at http://www.Oranjeumbrella.com
We have diverse tours to tempt every pallete, whether the allure of the … Read more

Red Light District (Walking and Party Tour)

We’ve always enjoyed showing off the red light district during out party/walking tour but not many people are familiar with its historical backgrounds. While the area remained a popular area for the last 300 years, it wasn’t always the large neighborhood its known for today.

redlightback redlight district redlightstag Red LIghts


The actual Dutch word for the red light distrcit is ” Die Wallen”, or the walls. This area used to be a sea harbour until after the time of Napoleon ( approximately 1817) During this time, sailors and navy men used to congregate along the harbour and wanted special services. During times of prohibition … Read more

Roaming around the past photos of Amsterdam

A good friend of ours showed our staff at the Oranje Umbrella some cool pictures of Amsterdam form the 1890’s on. After doing dozens of walking tours, I’ve become well acquainted with the history, and changes made over time here in Amsterdam. Looking at the pictures, however, makes it even more surreal as you can visibly see the change not only in style, clothes, but also the terrain! Over time, dams were filled in, canals built, and even more beauty added to the unique city that is our Amsterdam. Here is a look at some of the fun pictures I … Read more