A tour like no other

You know how it works. You go on a tour. You are excited, but there are always people who will ruin the tour, by talking or not paying attention. And then there is the tour itself. They’re interesting, but you get the same that everybody else gets. A polished up tour with all the usual stuff.

With us you can book a private tour just for you and your group, and really make it your own. And we offer more than a traditional tour. 

Every tour has a pitstop at Hulschers. We offer one free typical Dutch fried snack called … Read more

The weapon of Amsterdam

Everywhere you go in Amsterdam, you will see the 3 crosses appear. And we get a lot of questions about the famous crosses. What does it mean? What’s the origin? What do they stand for? Well, today we’re gonna explain what they stand for. 

The three crosses, or sometimes referred to as X’s, are a part of the weapon of Amsterdam. The weapon of Amsterdam is a banner with two lions holding up a shield with the three crosses, and a crown on top. Underneath it, there are three words: ‘Heldhaftig, Vastberaden, Barmhartig’. Respectively, they mean ‘Heroic, Determined, Merciful’. These … Read more

Last Chance ! Last Dance

Can you imagine kids, an era is coming to an end here in Amsterdam. The Red Light District tour has officially been banned in Amsterdam! Can you imagine? No more fun strolling past the windows and learning about the history or about the stories of the women. You will have to wonder through it on your own. For some reason the Amsterdam gementee ( that means the municipality) think that will help decrease the noise and foot traffic of the red light district. After writing a lengthy letter to the mayor (Burgemeester Femka Halesma) Of Amsterdam and the city council, … Read more

David Bowie RIP

bowie-mug-shotDavid Bowie, was formidably one of the most iconic and influential pop stars of our century. After my first time watching “Labryinth” , I knew that this Lord of the Goblins, was a treasure to behold. After countless albums, movies, and even admittedly dancing around my room in my underwear to “Golden Years”, or using a fish bowl as a space helmet and belting out “Space Oddity”, His influence was curiously underrated in my life, until today, when he passed away. Upon further research , I discovered, he advocated many causes during his stellar time on this planet, but one … Read more

Paris, Amsterdam Brussels is it safe to travel again?

Friday the 13th is a strange enough day as it is,  with black cats, evil and ominous warnings etc hanging over the meaning of this otherwise meaningless day.  With the recent events of this year, however,  in Paris,  we found it unsettling that our normally quaint and safe city of lights was attacked in such a brutal way.


This fear was reflected in tour bookings, we could see people decided to cancel their bookings for walking tours and , and avoid going out in the usually vibrant city streets of Paris.

Then sadly, only a week later, we discovered … Read more

Halloween is already over!! now Christmas!?? 8 Simple things to do whilst in Amsterdam

I dunno about you, but this year has been going entirely too quickly. We also have some things going on around here, for example we have expanded our staff. As of now we have 6 guides, in 5 different languages!!! I remember when it was just me! We have all of you , our great guests to thank for it!

So typical day in Amsterdam schedule



1) Arrive at Schipol airport

fly by night

2 )Check into hotel hostel or Airbnb to  get settled

canal house canal house2


3)If its morning get breakfast at Pannenkoeken Huis Pancake House Remember! Dutch pancakes are not … Read more

New Tour Pics Posted

We have been having a great summer here in Amsterdam, how have you been?

We have had photoshoots with models who wanted to come on our tour, will be hosting members of the Dutch press next week and even had a glimpse of Queen Maxima!!!

I know…How do we have time to keep up with photos, but somehow we make it…




Here are a few









isabelle ganja tour selfie stick selfie stick 3 ganja tour group fun walking photo selfie stick 2 ganja tour




Have you booked a ticket yet! Join the fun and see Amsterdam inside and out………..

 … Read more

“You can call me Queen B” – Lorde

Well well well. What do we have here, Royalty you say? On our GANJA TOUR?!
Just kidding, no of course not. However, when we were starting one of our walking tours in Amsterdam, at the Royal Palace, Queen Beatrix was just leaving the palace after a visit, when we were starting our tours. We try our best to time the start with a view of the Royals, another added benefit of coming on our tours. You can see Queen B. Sorry not Beyonce, and no, shes actually not the Queen anymore, shes Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands now that she … Read more

Sorry for the delay!!

Its been an exciting three months here at the Oranje Umbrella.
We have received a report from our main booking agent GetYourGuide.com, that they have sent us over 1,261 bookings since January 1 of this year! That’s not including our own private bookings, and of course, people who have just walked up and joined our tours! We estimate over 2,178 people have walked around Amsterdam with our guides this year and we aren’t finished yet! We even had a chance to welcome a celebrity on our private group tours. We bumped into Jay Pharaoh from SNL (Saturday Night Live), and … Read more

Walk, Eat, Repeat.

Photo Credit: davidkosmos via Compfight cc

Everyone can agree that one of the best things about going on vacation is guilt free food. All of those calories you would never dare eat at home is ignored because “I’m on vacation!” Famous last words. But you’re right. YOU ARE ON VACATION. So enjoy, indulge and get down with your bad self.

I love food. More specifically, I love anything sweet and anything fried. My husband will not let me go to any local fairs because they are notorious for their fried ice cream, fried Oreos and basically fried anything you can … Read more