Summer is gone but is it over

We have had an amazing summer with Oranje Umbrella. Some former guides like Phillip and Regina came back to help us over the summer and new guides were hired to our ever expanding family of guides. Our owner and manager Erik, became a DJ on the side, and Amsterdam saw its highest number of tourists we’ve ever had!

Oranje Umbrella therefore, had the most tourists we’ve ever had on our tours ( 6,000 tickets sold on just one out of our four websites) and more than 10,000 people this year! Can you imagine

There’s something we are doing right here and whatever it is, we are going to continue doing it. Its somewhere between keeping us at the perfect level, before being too corporate and having 60 person group tours, and staying our happy local place, with just good vibes, professional guides, and great people.

We had some website trouble, but luckily all of our booking engines are back up and running so book a ticket, join our adventure, and see why we can sell so many more tickets , and rated number 3 out of 500 on get your guide tours!