Spring has Sprung! : Top five things to do in Amsterdam

Do you hear it

the birds singing, the flowers growing and love is in the Air! Spring has finally arrived and here in Amsterdam we are seeing the sun for the first time in months!

That means you our guests will have the chance to experience Amsterdam after the cold dead winter! Amsterdam is literally heavenly during the spring season and now is the time to walk around and explore because there’s something here for everyone!

Heres our top 5 favorite things to do in Amsterdam now that we actually have the yellow ball in the sky back

1. Canal Cruise

The best view of Amsterdam definitely comes from the water. Its a completely different atmosphere. On the historic city canal cruise boat tour you can journey through time and also learn a bit about how largest city and most populated city was literally built on water. Blue boat canal cruises offers some of the most poignant views of the water and gives some of the best information ! Private boats can also be arranged if needed! Blue Boat Tours Amsterdam



2. Chill at the Vondel Park!

I think its possibly one of the most beautiful parks in the world. The Vondel park. Originally called “Het Nieuwe Park” it was changed to Vondel park after the famous 17th cenutry Dutch writer Joost Van Den Vondel . Located between the Museumplein and Leidseplein areas this park is in the middle of Amsterdam and is the host of many bicycle tours, lunches on grass and many works of art by such famous artist as Picasso , Carrilho and Royer. Head to the Albert hein, and pick up some snacks ( they have whats called Borrel Hapjes here for 2 euros each, cheese blocks , olives, tiny sausages and more) to eat on a picnic blanket and sit in the sun. Watch the lovely Dutch people playing sports, the ducks on the lakes or simply relax and enjoy the sun!



3.  Bicycling Around Amsterdam!


By far one of my happiest things to do in Amsterdam. During the daytime Amsterdam is busy with life and filled with energy, and most of this energy comes from the fietsers or the bicyclist! Did you know there are more than 1.6 million bicycles in Amsterdam, a city with a population of only 800,000 people ( on average)

That means there’s at least two bikes for every person here!

which means there’s definitely a place for you.
Now while bicycling in Amsterdam can be daunting, this is an experience which can truly make you feel alive if you have never dealt with traffic before! No worries though, they  have been doing it here for years, it is extremely safe, and there’s always a helpful Dutch person around to help you if you fall, get lost or experience a flat tire!
I personally like to blast Beyonce and ride through Amsterdam singing “Love on Top “as loud as I can



4.  Wonder around the 9th Street



Theres nothing better than window shopping. Well maybe actually having the money to buy the things you want in the window makes you happy, but until then we all have window shopped! There are lovely boutiques, vintage shops, and speciality stores taht we pass by many times on some of our walking tours called the 9 streets or the Negen Straatjes!
This cosy or Gezellig area boast over 200 shops to peruse and browse while is less busy than the normal shopping streets because of its location away from the popular tourist area.




5. Go on a walking tour!


Now that the sun is actually shining, and the temperatures have reached above ice age levels, we of course want you to experience the best Amsterdam has to offer with a walking tour. For less than the price of a two Venti Chai Lattes at Starbucks coffee , you can explore Amsterdam with a guide in small personable groups and make friends for a lifetime. The experience you get from a walking tour is different than walking around and exploring on your own. On our tours you get your five senses satisfied by


  1. Taste – You can try dutch bitterballen or meaty croquettes during the tour at one of our partner resturants
  2. Smell- The wonderful smells of Amsterdam can usually be described as a mixed aroma between coffee shops marijuana and cheap perfume from the red light district
  3. Sights – You get to see Amsterdam slowly, by foot and explore every knook and cranny of this culturally rich adventurous city
  4. Sounds – Amsterdam is loud ! in some areas and quite and still in others, each place you will here either the hustle and bustle of bicycles and traffic  or the relaxed sounds of Amsterdam’s chill house music scene, coffee shop scene and more!
  5. Touch- Get out and feel Amsterdam! Feel the street under your toes, feel the beat of music in the bars and coffee-shops you visit on our daytime and night time red light district tour, or touch marijuana legally for your first time!


We like to satisfy your curiosity, and the best tour to do it with is us at Oranje Umbrella! Come join our daytime Ganja tour or our night time Red Light District tour and experience! Click on the button to book now or click

We hope you decide to treat yourself to a dream vacation, or just give yourself the chance to live outside of the box and experience the fun, culture and laughs you can have in Amsterdam in the spring time


come visit soon!