Sorry for the delay!!

Its been an exciting three months here at the Oranje Umbrella.
We have received a report from our main booking agent, that they have sent us over 1,261 bookings since January 1 of this year! That’s not including our own private bookings, and of course, people who have just walked up and joined our tours! We estimate over 2,178 people have walked around Amsterdam with our guides this year and we aren’t finished yet! We even had a chance to welcome a celebrity on our private group tours. We bumped into Jay Pharaoh from SNL (Saturday Night Live), and showed him some of the best sites in the city center, he loved it! and gave us a shot out on his instagram!!! Check out the pictures updated in our private group and public walking tours photo gallery that shows some of the fun we have had on our tours. We promise to keep updating regularly, in hopes of reaching out to you ! We want you to come visit us and come on our tours!

Have you joined yet?


– Erik

Coordinator, Oranje UmbrellaIMG_3039