Ripleys believe it or not! Get Married for a day!

Theres alot of buzz around Pride season, and here in Amsterdam we are just getting into gear!



Amsterdam is the center and home of gay rights and is one of the friendliest and most tolerant LGBT cities in Europe !

Included in our fair city is the Ripleys Believe it or not experience, Amsterdams wierdest museum. This wonderful attraction is hosting an event for this coming pride weekend, get married for a day!



If you and a friend , partner, loved one, or your dog want to get officialy married for one day head on over to Ripleys Believe it or not!

They have photographers, rings, and a reverend included to get in on all the pride fun!

Head inside and see their over 2.000 Artifacts that are apart of the guiness book of world records!




Happy Pride Month and Equality for everyone!