Red Light Ganja Tour

Take Your Pick

by Erik Adofo-Mensah

A recent guest on one of our coffee shop walking tours, commented on some of the ” best picks” that one of our tour guides, who prefers to be called ” OD” had to offer. OD lives in one of the most historical neighborhoods in the center of Amsterdam, and frequents two coffee shops. “The Dampkring” or atmosphere, and its sister coffee shop “The Tweede Kamer”. The Dampkring was actually featured in Oceans 12, and visited by movie stars Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Matt Damon. The Tweede Kamer, means the second room, and is also the name of the Dutch Parliament. Aptly named, this coffee shop only consists of two small rooms which house the bar/budtender and the smoking areas. Handy pamphlets are lying around encouraging you not to smoke TOO much weed, and even information about the different types of strands, which are indica, sativa, or a hybrid of both.
As a connoisseur of cannabis products, I’ve enjoyed many on a legal, and professional basis, there are many great strands me and the staff can recommend on our group and private tour customers. Most people ask us what we smoke, or why do we enjoy certain strands more than others. I enjoy strands that enable me to have a clear, and uncloudy stoned effect. One’s that are great after a long day of working, that I can use to stimulate creativity while creating new walking tour concepts for other companies around the world, and even upgrading our current tours that we offer. With a glass of green tea, after a day leading around a group of 20 people, the Indica Mix, available at both the Dampkring, and the Tweede Kamer, starting at  5,50 Euros / gram will do just that.

Check out our group walking tour through the red light district. Our groups stop at the Cannabis College, where you can purchase a lifetime membership to the grow room for 3 Euros. Guests have enjoyed learning about cannabis from a medicinal, legal, and fun perspective! join us!