Louvre Closes due to COVID-19

Have you been seeing the news. People are going crazy for the Corona Virus and we understand many of our customers have questions about travel and what to do. Tour Guide Erik recently came back from a weekend trip in Paris to find that he was one of the last lucky people to make it into the Louvre before it closed over the Corona virus fears. The Corona virus is a group of viruses that initially was spread from animals to humans and was also associated with Sars previously and other viral infections. While many people are panicking ( mostly as a result of lack of understanding and fear!)

We at Oranje Umbrella are ready to tackle this threat and keep the free independent spirit of travelling alive. We are still busy and healthy and getting more bookings as time moves on in light of corona virus fears

We have seen many people wearing masks on the streets and on airplanes and are happy to report, this will not help at all! Most people do not have a mask that is of good quality and further more do not avoid the main spreading factor which is touching your face, eyes and mouth. It is important to make sure you are keeping up with your own hygiene practices as this will help avoid infection and help spread it to other travellers.

Our guides have A) Not travelled to any of the heavily affected areas, namely Wuhan, All of China , Northern Italy, Iran or South Korea, and are fully equipped with Hand sanitizer with Alcohol that can kill 99.9 percent of not only bacteria, but viruses as well and all of our guests are encouraged to use it in the face of this fast emerging yet non life threatening virus.

If you want to be bored to death, I recentlty researched the rate of spread and infectivity ( Called the R- not, seen as the R0) and its around 2.27 for the world, and much lower for countries which high resistance to viruses and good health care practices. You’ll be happy to know that only 35 people are infected with the virus, immediately on lock down, and none of our attractions or museums are closed at this time. The Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte encouraged business as usual ( which is so Dutch ) and assured us that we will pull through this. Our national healthcare is some of the best in the world, and Dutch people hate touching you unless they know you, so you should be safe!

If you do feel ill, and do not think you can attend one of tours, we will offer you a refund if within 72 hours of attending ( as it takes 2 days for the virus incubation period to show signs and symptoms) and anything after 2 days we will offer you a voucher to come back and enjoy at a later date which is in line with our booking partners get your guide and tripadvisor. Further questions or help can be reached by emailing us directly, and by NOT PANICKING. We will be ok , we will survive this. Now please go wash your hands after reading this post!


CEO Erik, Oranje Umbrella Tours.