Last Chance Red Light Tours

Well our tours are still strolling along into summer. Can you believe it’s summer 2019 already! Time flies when your looking at boobies. This is however again your last chance to look at boobies in the red light district, do shots with us, learn about the neighborhood, and find out what to do and what NOT to do in the red light district. We know you hear it from so many other tours, but ours really is different. There are no scripts, there is no format ,and each tour can be different. It all depends on you! Our tours touch the five senses, so you will smell something, eat something, drink something, feel something , hear many things and more! Its not enough to just walk around and listen to someone talk, its more fun if you get a full sensory overload of Amsterdam, to really experience it! On our tours this is what we give to you thats different from every other tour! Heres some photos of our groups currently and all the fun we are having! Make sure you join up soon !