Last Chance ! Last Dance

Can you imagine kids, an era is coming to an end here in Amsterdam. The Red Light District tour has officially been banned in Amsterdam! Can you imagine? No more fun strolling past the windows and learning about the history or about the stories of the women. You will have to wonder through it on your own. For some reason the Amsterdam gementee ( that means the municipality) think that will help decrease the noise and foot traffic of the red light district. After writing a lengthy letter to the mayor (Burgemeester Femka Halesma) Of Amsterdam and the city council, we tour guides were sadly ignored, and the complaints of the neighborhood won. As much as we understand that we bring people through the red light district , what some fail to realize is that we are bringing the fun and the education together to the red light district. Without us, people will wander the red light district without the knowledge to respect the women they are seeing or the history behind each buiding they are walking through. This adds to the respect of the neighborhood and adds value

Ok im off my soapbox now

Buy a tour! Its your last chance to walk around at night and God only knows what other changes they will bring to Amsterdam ! Maybe its the end of the world, maybe its going to si nk ! I dunno buy a tour now before I start crying!