Halloween is already over!! now Christmas!?? 8 Simple things to do whilst in Amsterdam

I dunno about you, but this year has been going entirely too quickly. We also have some things going on around here, for example we have expanded our staff. As of now we have 6 guides, in 5 different languages!!! I remember when it was just me! We have all of you , our great guests to thank for it!

So typical day in Amsterdam schedule



1) Arrive at Schipol airport

fly by night

2 )Check into hotel hostel or Airbnb to  get settled

canal house canal house2


3)If its morning get breakfast at Pannenkoeken Huis Pancake House Remember! Dutch pancakes are not like American pancakes, the syrup is not sweet, think more of crepes or order something savory( bacon and smoked apples are great)

pancakespancakes 2

4) go to Macs bikes at Centraal station, rent bike for the day at 7 euros and ride around until pancakes are no longer an issue. Where do you go? Anywhere around the royal palace or the Jordaan should make you happy, if you continue around Centraal Station it wont matter! you will have plenty of beautiful canals and bridges to see




5)Come on a walking tour , Ganja Tour, or Red Light District Tour with the Oranje Umbrella company, lasting about 2-3 hours and learn your way around Amsterdam and visit a museum!

selfie stick 2 ganja tour

6) relax after tour in hotel room and prepare for dinner at one of the cool places you learn about on the tour. My favorite place is here at De Nacht Wacht Restaurant Dutch Steakhouse



7) Eat, Drink, Be Merry, Repeat



8) Time to go party!!! Depending on what your scene is Amsterdam has a crap ton of options especially with the winter season coming up


If its Christmas, make sure you check out any of the Kersmarkts( christmas Market) christmas marketat Rembrandtplein or Centraal Station


or if you want to party head towards any of Eriks favorite clubs to hang out at. These places are also ganja friendly !!


http://Flower Bar/Bloemen Bar Student Bar  blomenbarThis is more chill stand around and drink, kinda dance around with your friends, think Urban Outfitters meets your college bar


Hardcore house or techno? try these clubs Studio 80

Studio80 by Dennis Bouman


( called in Dutch Studio Tachtig which means 80 in Dutch), The Sugar Factory or Melkweg insidethemelkweg which is Dutch for the Milkyway , I cant even describe how fun these places are!!!!



More of an R&B Hip Hop person? then check out Cafe De Duivel or the devil cafe ( why I have no idea) but its red lights inside, lots of fun beats and cool Dutchies to dance around with


And then hopefully you should be passed out asleep (alone or with some new person you met while out exploring)  and thats it! 8 Simple steps to a day in Amsterdam!
There are more options and way more schedules which I will post in the days to come!


in the meantime I will leave you with photos from our Halloween Staff Party which lasted about 5 hours, included singing Nena’s 99 Red Balloons, and then a dance fest, with about 8 minutes of professional staff time. We hope everyone who comes to our company site has a great time exploring Amsterdam and a great time being a part of this city with us!!!! COME and LIVE!!!!!


– Erik



Halloween Staf Party Halloween staff part pt 2