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We have a fabulous working partnership with two large booking companies. Get your guide, and, who is our working partnership with TUI AG. Although you can book any of our tours on these websites, you can’t have access to our ultimate walking tours of Amsterdam’s Red Light District( including shots) on these websites. Also our bicycle tours are not available through these websites however, if your looking for these tours just book them here at
We have diverse tours to tempt every pallete, whether the allure of the red light district has always peaked your curiosity, or the curious smell of marijuana has always made you question whats so bad about something that smells so good! Whether you want to try or simply be a spectator on our walking tours ( many people don’t try just look) this is ok! Our goal here is to make you feel comfortable In Amsterdam. Let us lead you around for a bit, answer your base questions, and then let you loose in our city of sin!


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In any event, we’ll always have something to match your style and price!


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