Survival Guide : Amsterdam , Lisbon, Paris, Brussels!

When youre travelling in Europe, its a good idea just to take a walking to just to orient yourself better in your surroundings. You wouldnt beleive how much time you waste, staring at your screen, or google maps, missing the world as you go by.

I like exploring countries by myself, but it was after i took a walking tour, I realized how much I missed by trying to be Christopher Columbus

Take one tour to get yourself acquainted with your destination with a local, and make a plan from there with new knowledge on what you would like to see and do!

If youre like me, you want to see every inch every city has to offer, and dont want to miss a minute, especially going to tourists traps that are a waste of time and money

Have a look at the quick video I made while taking a tour group to Lisbon!