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Why Do I need a walking tour of Amsterdam? I like to explore on my own!
I’m the same. I’ve traveled to Oslo, Barcelona, Paris, Athens, Lisbon, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Munich, and more! I love to get lost and go explore by myself. However, when I came to Amsterdam I gave a city tour a try. It was so great because not only did I learn the historical importance behind each street we crossed, I was able to go back into the town and re-explore on my own using the knowledge I learned from my guide! I had more time to go where I wanted, and less time spent trying to get directions from strangers. For some people that’s ok, but for me, I know it can be frustrating to ask a bunch of strangers for help in a big city. Not everyone feels comfortable doing that. I want to be that person that makes you comfortable with the city on your own.

I don’t know where the meeting point is, can you pick me up at our hotel?
If you are a private group, then all groups can be picked up from their hotel. If you’re an individual person or small group, call the number listed on the website directly. If time allows, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem. However, please understand, if there are multiple individual bookings, it’s requested to meet at designated meeting point, for convenience of everyone!



The meeting locations are on our tour pages! with maps! have a look before you go!

Do the tours run every day?
Yes, they are available every day. If you want a tour, and you send a request online or click on our booking link, I’ll receive notice within 24-48 hours of the date you would like a tour, and you’ll instantly be confirmed.

Do I have to pay a deposit?
Groups of 10 or more, are asked to pay a 50% deposit.

Are you a legitimate business?
YES! I have been registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce or the Kvk, and our parent company profile (The Oranje Umbrella Company) can be seen on their website: http://www.kvk.nl.

How cool will I be after the tour?
You will be UNBELIEVABLY cool! You will know your own way around Amsterdam after the tour. You will be able to roll your own joint (should you want to), and choose the weed that fits your needs. You’ll know which types of weed give you energy or make you paranoid, and which strains will make you stoned/tired. You will see the most famous and coolest coffeeshops, pubs, and historical sites in 2-3 hours with a cool, knowledgeable tour guide!

How far in advance or how last-minute can I book a tour?
We have select openings so you have to act soon! We are offering tours going into 2019 with multiple tour guides, and new shops added every month! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!