Dutch Cheese and Food

What the hell are we eating?

by Erik Adofo-Mensah

So here it is, Saturday night, and I have some great friends in town that are ready for me to take them out for all sorts of Dutch treats. Well how in the world should I begin to introduce anyone to Dutch culture. I mean ,sure there’s lots of great things that everyone assumes like Apple pie, and maybe Licorice ( also known as Drop) but is there more than stroop waffels to offer! Yes of course! I can just take them on a food walking tour. There’s at least 1,000 types of cheeses to try, a wealth of fishes ( Mackerel , Herring, and Salmon being the top of the list) and of course, there’s a steaming hot pile of Dutch “Stampotje”.
Imagine bits of succulent bacon, roasted to perfection and sitting in a bed of fluffy mashed potatoes, beans, and well more stuff. Sometimes I can’t explain everything about it all I can tell you is its great. Dutch food is enriched with hearty meats like fish, beef and pork, and seasoned with the soul of a 16th century Dutch man bent on bringing you the best. Food tours are a great way of enjoying all that Amsterdam has to offer. Its also a great way to walk down all the food your trying on said food tour.  Whether your fresh from a coffee shop tour, or awake and ready to eat, there’s a flavor for everyone. We like to explore each of the cultural sides that Amsterdam has to offer, including the Indonesian and the rich flavors of Suriname cuisine that has been lightly seasoned with afro-carribean-spanish vibes. Did you know that exotic dishes  like fried plaintain, roti, nasi, bami, spring rolls and soto soup have been apart of the dutch tradition for over 200 years. Check out the Bikes, Cheese and Snacks tour we offer on our tour packages!