David Bowie RIP

bowie-mug-shotDavid Bowie, was formidably one of the most iconic and influential pop stars of our century. After my first time watching “Labryinth” , I knew that this Lord of the Goblins, was a treasure to behold. After countless albums, movies, and even admittedly dancing around my room in my underwear to “Golden Years”, or using a fish bowl as a space helmet and belting out “Space Oddity”, His influence was curiously underrated in my life, until today, when he passed away. Upon further research , I discovered, he advocated many causes during his stellar time on this planet, but one in particular that we can all feel proud of , is his usage of Marijuana. While not remembered in the minds of many, history will record that David Bowie was once caught with over 182 grams of Marijuana whilst on tour at a hotel in Rochester NY. Had he come to Amsterdam of course this would have never been an issue, however in America, a public out cry was reported. Luckily he wasnt found guilty and narrowly escaped a conviction that could have landed him in jail, however the fact that his legendary lyrics, movements, and even personalities could have been aided by Marijuana and its responsible usage, only makes us here at Oranje Umbrella more of a fan.

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RIp David Bowie, all of your years on earth were truly Golden Years