CONOR MCGREGOR and Oranje Umbrella Tours!!

What an incredible new year its been already!

We always attract some of the best people on our tours.

We have had rapper Chingy on our tours and now we have another A list celebrity to report !

Conor McGregor came for a visit to Amsterdam and stopped in at our partner Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum!

Our best private tour guide Erik was there and gave him a small tour of the place and finished off with the management staff of Ripleys take a picture with the famous MMA fighter and the Olympic Torch as used by Muhammad Ali in the 1996 Olympic Games

he took pictures and shook our hand as Tour Guide Erik gave him more recommendations for fun things to do in the city and places to go! We then escorted him to the private exit so he could get in his maybach benz and continue jetting around the world


We love welcoming people on our tours and no matter who you are or what walk of life you are apart of, we always treat you like a Very Important Person

WE hop you come on our tour soon enough and experience why celebrities are so keen to choose our company!

It keeps getting better and better and we cant wait to welcome more celebrities on our tour!

Did you know you can also book tickets for Ripley believe it or not! museum on our website as well

Have you booked your ticket with us today?! Come on our tour and Visit Ripley believe it or not!

Oranje Umbrella Team