Coffeeshop Eerste Hulp

by Erik Adofo-Mensah

On my travels through Amsterdam, I have run  into dozens of different coffee shops with a myriad of different themes and names. One shop in particular I always like to highlight on our connossieur coffee shop tour is the Eerste Hulp, or the First Aid coffee shop in Amsterdam. Located in the center of Amsterdam, this great shop is only for the brave in heart. Although they have weed strengths varying from mild to ” omg what century is this” they have varying cannabis products that are unusual to your average marijuana smoker. The isolator, or ice, cannabis product, is an able to be smoked on a joint, and should be smoked alone. Of course when our tour stopped by our guests decided to add it to an already powerful white widow joint. Lets just say it was like being in an episode of back to the future! Very wonderful effect and very clear minded stoned effect, which our group and tour guide really enjoyed. They have a friendly kitty that hangs out there, and loves to be petted, soothing the nerves of any business traveler or cannabis fanatic visiting their shop. Free wi-fi makes it easy to do any work if you have a laptop and a website to work on( like me!) Try the connossieur coffee shop tour today, and visit the Eerste Hulp to sample their great products!