Ciara Storm

When hearing about Ciara coming to the Netherlands I was more imagining a wonderful R&B pop superstar princess that’s on her way help us 1, 2 Step

Unfortunately this is the Netherlands and if a storm is coming named Ciara, its not a chance for us to level up, but level Orange. Code Orange to be exact. That might sound like some holiday thats about to occur inline with Kings Day, but in reality it means we are preparing for the storm of a lifetime.

Storm Ciara so aptly named is coming here today and is about to make us wish it was the former. Storms affect us here in the Netherlands prompting airport closures, flight delays, and even some bicycle delays. People are attempting to bicycle and coming to a standstill in something called ” Tegen wind”

We have talked about it before and today is no exception. Can you imagine stepping foot outisde and not being able to move a muscle. Thats the winds we are describing. Heavy Rain, Harsh Winds that will make even the smallest windmill start pumping like its 1699.

Here at oranje Umbrella we have taken the safety precaution of cancelling tours tonight in order to make sure our guests are safe. Refunds of course will be available and we will reschedule everyone for tomorrow , No one wants to smoke a joint and have it fly away in the face of misadventure. So please bare with us whilst we wait for this to “blow over” Bad joke?

Probably, but what else can we do except for batten down our hatches, listen to some actual Ciara, and prepare everyone for this weeks red light district, marijuana adventures. Stay safe while on holiday and enjoy Amsterdam from the comfort of your hotel/airbnb/ coffeeshop/ prostitutes window

Oranje Umbrella.