Canada Legalizes Marijuana

Ohhhhhhhh Canada!!!!!

our home and native laaaaaaaand. True patriot looooooooove, in ALL THY SONS COMMAND!




(Yes guys, I literally know every word of the Canadian national anthem) and we are singing their praises today

Canada has become the second country in the world, to legalize cannabis use for recreational purposes! Hooray Can you imagine it!



More countries are jumping on board with this, in order to take the power away from drug dealers, and give it back to the people. Cannabis has been known for thousands of years to provide medical benefits for people suffering … Read more

Beyonce, thats right Queen Bey is in Amsterdam

Hello guys and dolls and welcome to another lovely time here in Amsterdam


Spring has sprung, the birds are in the air, and the bees are buzzing!



Thats right our favorite woman Beyonce is in Amsterdam!

She is doing a two day sold out concert here with her husband jay-z and the city is on fire!

Its so great that even our Queen Maxima of the Netherlands decided to attend a concert in the super deluxe royal box!



Did you know that Beyonce, who was the lead member of Destiny child came to Amsterdam for … Read more

CONOR MCGREGOR and Oranje Umbrella Tours!!

What an incredible new year its been already!

We always attract some of the best people on our tours.

We have had rapper Chingy on our tours and now we have another A list celebrity to report !

Conor McGregor came for a visit to Amsterdam and stopped in at our partner Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum!

Our best private tour guide Erik was there and gave him a small tour of the place and finished off with the management staff of Ripleys take a picture with the famous MMA fighter and the Olympic Torch as used by Muhammad … Read more

Drive in Coffee Shop Gets the Green Light

For those of you who cant read dutch



there is now going to be a drive in coffee shop in the sloterdijk area ( which is a major train station here in the Netherlands)

There apparently was a drive through coffeeshop earlier, at the bulldog coffeeshop, however it didnt last long with the new rules from Amsterdam. Coffeeshops are no longer allowed to be close to a school ( 250 meters)


Now of course with walking tours seeing a drive through coffeeshop doesnt make any sense, so lucky for us, we organize bus tours as … Read more

Spring has Sprung! : Top five things to do in Amsterdam

Do you hear it

the birds singing, the flowers growing and love is in the Air! Spring has finally arrived and here in Amsterdam we are seeing the sun for the first time in months!

That means you our guests will have the chance to experience Amsterdam after the cold dead winter! Amsterdam is literally heavenly during the spring season and now is the time to walk around and explore because there’s something here for everyone!

Heres our top 5 favorite things to do in Amsterdam now that we actually have the yellow ball in the sky back

1. Canal … Read more

Carnival Dutch Style!!!!

Ah Spring is almost here,


But you wouldn’t know it!


With the never ending rain storms,and for the first time in a while, snow in Amsterdam we have been feeling the winter city blues. But no worries, with every dark cloud comes of course with a silver lining. Here in the Netherlands, mostly in the southern part of our country we have huge celebrations known as “carnaval”


The areas known as Brabant and Limburg in the Netherlands are predominantly catholic areas where the tradition of carnival marks the preparation of starting Lent. It takes places in various … Read more

Why you should make Amsterdam your Spring holiday destination

Finding an appropriate holiday destination to suit your needs can be stressful. Where to go, when to go, what’s going on while you’re there and so on. I’m going to try and answer all of the above and assist you in making a decision that will forever be memorable.

Amsterdam’s high seasons when the most tourists decide to holiday here are summer and winter. This leaves the fall and spring seasons for the more affordable pricing of hotel rooms, and when prices of everything visitors spend their money on are lower. With Amsterdam enduring cold winter periods, the spring starts Read more

VALENTINES DAY 2017 IN AMSTERDAM – What to do, where to stay, where to eat?

This is a post for all the couples, both young and elderly, who might be traveling to Amsterdam over the Valentines period. What more can you ask for to spend a few days exploring and doing different entertaining activities around Amsterdam with your lover, which will surely make your Amsterdam getaway worth your while.


The most important part of your Amsterdam getaway is to find a suitable hotel that will meet you and your partners needs.


The Hoxton Hotel – Waking up with a view of Amsterdam’s beautiful canals from your hotel room can be one of the … Read more

De Pijp Amsterdam (Deutsche)

Die Sommerferien nähern sich dem Ende; die meisten Kinder sind wieder in der Schule; der Altag trudelt langsam wieder ein…

Hier, in Amsterdam, genießen wir die Spätsommerhitze und gutes Wetter. Filmfestivals in Open Air Kinos, schwüle Abende in Amsterdam Roest, oder ein spontaner Abstecher zu den Foodhallen – der Tag füllt sich schnell, mit so vielen Sachen die man machen könnte.


(as found on:

An Tagen wie diesen halte ich mich vom Centrum, Rijksmuseum und Anne Frank Haus fern und genieße anstatt die gute Stimmung im Süden von Amsterdam. Der Vondelpark ist zwar wunderschön, aber bei gutem Wetter auch … Read more

The Hidden Gem Coffeeshops of Amsterdam

In a city where there are over 300 different coffeeshops, one would think that it is impossible to visit them all. With all these coffeeshops located in a city which is only 64 square miles, it isn’t that hard of a feat to accomplish! I personally, have managed to visit my fair share of coffeeshops during my time living in Amsterdam and have come across a few which stood out to me for certain reasons. Without further ado, let me tell you about my favorite spots in Amsterdam to go to hang out and smoke some of Amsterdam’s finest ganja.… Read more