VALENTINES DAY 2017 IN AMSTERDAM – What to do, where to stay, where to eat?

This is a post for all the couples, both young and elderly, who might be traveling to Amsterdam over the Valentines period. What more can you ask for to spend a few days exploring and doing different entertaining activities around Amsterdam with your lover, which will surely make your Amsterdam getaway worth your while.


The most important part of your Amsterdam getaway is to find a suitable hotel that will meet you and your partners needs.


The Hoxton Hotel – Waking up with a view of Amsterdam’s beautiful canals from your hotel room can be one of the … Read more

De Pijp Amsterdam (Deutsche)

Die Sommerferien nähern sich dem Ende; die meisten Kinder sind wieder in der Schule; der Altag trudelt langsam wieder ein…

Hier, in Amsterdam, genießen wir die Spätsommerhitze und gutes Wetter. Filmfestivals in Open Air Kinos, schwüle Abende in Amsterdam Roest, oder ein spontaner Abstecher zu den Foodhallen – der Tag füllt sich schnell, mit so vielen Sachen die man machen könnte.


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An Tagen wie diesen halte ich mich vom Centrum, Rijksmuseum und Anne Frank Haus fern und genieße anstatt die gute Stimmung im Süden von Amsterdam. Der Vondelpark ist zwar wunderschön, aber bei gutem Wetter auch … Read more

The Hidden Gem Coffeeshops of Amsterdam

In a city where there are over 300 different coffeeshops, one would think that it is impossible to visit them all. With all these coffeeshops located in a city which is only 64 square miles, it isn’t that hard of a feat to accomplish! I personally, have managed to visit my fair share of coffeeshops during my time living in Amsterdam and have come across a few which stood out to me for certain reasons. Without further ado, let me tell you about my favorite spots in Amsterdam to go to hang out and smoke some of Amsterdam’s finest ganja.… Read more

New Web Series Profiling Our Red Light District Party Tour!

Were you ever curious about going through the red light district? Wonder why we keep calling ourselves the best! Its because we are, and heres your chance to preview our red light district tour with the web series Amsterdam calling


They did a great job following around our Tour Guide Kaleb, and Coordinator Erik Mensah on a normal ( not so normal) night time red light tour



have a look and come explore with us


<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


Did you book your tickets yet!



Have fun get informed, get lost!… Read more

Welcome new German and English Tour Guide Corinna!!

Hoi allemaal! My name is Corinna and I am a born-and-bread Austrian, however I have called 
Amsterdam my home for the past few years. As a passionate traveller and expat, I have gotten to know 
what it is like to live in this truly amazing place, gotten to know locals as well as internationals, 
explored the city’s hidden treasures and have fallen in love with Amsterdam’s canals and its “gezellig” 
(cozy) environment. Through being a student in this city I have learnt pretty much everything about 
the bars, restaurants and the city’s nightlife and therefore 
Read more

The Numbers are in!!!

Halloween Staf Partygroup photo oranjeIMG_3317IMG_2904group fun walking photo

selfie stick 3 ganja tourIMG_3132IMG_2036IMG_1537

So , after a interesting and fun Valentines day weekend our get your guide web page was finally updated with some lovely photos from last summers tour. This of course got me thinking as to how many people did we have on our walking tours last year in Amsterdam. It seems like a blur and with 8 tour guides helping out to get people around Amsterdam, it almost feels like we´ve had only 200 people on our tours. Luckily, I couldnt have been more wrong. We´ve had 2,610 people on our tours! This doesn´t count the people who have joined … Read more

David Bowie RIP

bowie-mug-shotDavid Bowie, was formidably one of the most iconic and influential pop stars of our century. After my first time watching “Labryinth” , I knew that this Lord of the Goblins, was a treasure to behold. After countless albums, movies, and even admittedly dancing around my room in my underwear to “Golden Years”, or using a fish bowl as a space helmet and belting out “Space Oddity”, His influence was curiously underrated in my life, until today, when he passed away. Upon further research , I discovered, he advocated many causes during his stellar time on this planet, but one … Read more

Paris, Amsterdam Brussels is it safe to travel again?

Friday the 13th is a strange enough day as it is,  with black cats, evil and ominous warnings etc hanging over the meaning of this otherwise meaningless day.  With the recent events of this year, however,  in Paris,  we found it unsettling that our normally quaint and safe city of lights was attacked in such a brutal way.


This fear was reflected in tour bookings, we could see people decided to cancel their bookings for walking tours and , and avoid going out in the usually vibrant city streets of Paris.

Then sadly, only a week later, we discovered … Read more

Halloween is already over!! now Christmas!?? 8 Simple things to do whilst in Amsterdam

I dunno about you, but this year has been going entirely too quickly. We also have some things going on around here, for example we have expanded our staff. As of now we have 6 guides, in 5 different languages!!! I remember when it was just me! We have all of you , our great guests to thank for it!

So typical day in Amsterdam schedule



1) Arrive at Schipol airport

fly by night

2 )Check into hotel hostel or Airbnb to  get settled

canal house canal house2


3)If its morning get breakfast at Pannenkoeken Huis Pancake House Remember! Dutch pancakes are not … Read more