Amsterdam Party Boat with Private DJ

Bring your friends, colleagues, or crew on a fun filled boat!Cheap prices !€125 Euro/Hour Unlimited soft drinks , beer and wine from 6€/ hour / personTop Shelf Alcohol 8€/ hour / person!Luxurious fun spacious boats which sail on the Amsterdam Canals or to the south of Amsterdam to the Niuewe Meer, where you can blast music and party like a rockstar! email for more information!

Breng je vrienden, collega’s of bemanning mee op een leuke boot!Lage prijzen !€ 125 Euro / uurOnbeperkt frisdrank, bier en wijn vanaf 6 € / uur / persoonTop Shelf alcohol 8 € / uur … Read more

Video Update coming soon!

Hello ..Yes you….are you still alive. Is this the 2020 movie or have I been dreaming this entire time. If you are still reading this message, consider yourself lucky! You are surviving and thriving a world epidemic that has basically, bored the shit out of me, and made me irritated and watching my fingernails grow! But there is hope in the distance! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

We are open.! Yes I said it, its true, we are open and ready to accept people back on our tours! Things are slowly yet surely opening up … Read more

Louvre Closes due to COVID-19

Have you been seeing the news. People are going crazy for the Corona Virus and we understand many of our customers have questions about travel and what to do. Tour Guide Erik recently came back from a weekend trip in Paris to find that he was one of the last lucky people to make it into the Louvre before it closed over the Corona virus fears. The Corona virus is a group of viruses that initially was spread from animals to humans and was also associated with Sars previously and other viral infections. While many people are panicking ( mostly … Read more

Corona Virus

Corona Virus! Panic! Everyone going crazy! Never fear. Oranje Umbrella is here. We have been following the story with intent interest and know that our guests are concerned about the Corona Virus. So far the Netherlands is corona virus free and we are hoping to keep it that way. Our guides have not been to china or any of the affected regions, and we take the upmost care of our guests. If you feels sick, or unable to join our tour, please let us know and we will refund you immediately. In any event the Netherlands is healthy and we … Read more

Ciara Storm

When hearing about Ciara coming to the Netherlands I was more imagining a wonderful R&B pop superstar princess that’s on her way help us 1, 2 Step

Unfortunately this is the Netherlands and if a storm is coming named Ciara, its not a chance for us to level up, but level Orange. Code Orange to be exact. That might sound like some holiday thats about to occur inline with Kings Day, but in reality it means we are preparing for the storm of a lifetime.

Storm Ciara so aptly named is coming here today and is about to make us … Read more

Valentines Day

Are you like the rest of the world? Did you already make plans for Valentines day with your sweetie, and have an amazing night planned?

No? are you a loser and single on the most romantic day of the year? Yes

either or we have plans for you!

IF you have a significant other, and are coming to Amsterdam, we have romantic private tours starting from 100 Euros that take you around Amsterdam and even reserve dinner for you at exclusive restaurants already booked for February 14th!

Give us an email at and we can help you plan the … Read more

Walking on water

Amsterdam is a pretty watery city. Probably the most watery in the world. That’s because Amsterdam is known for its canals. There are four main canals: Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht, Prinsengracht. They all date back from the 17thcentury. Almost 25 percent of Amsterdam is water. Since 2010 the inner city canals and some surrounding land are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fun fact: Amsterdam is the only city where the historic medieval city isn’t a museum, but a prostitution area.

Amsterdam consists of natural and manmade waterways.  They play an important part with controlling the water, transportation and … Read more

A tour like no other

You know how it works. You go on a tour. You are excited, but there are always people who will ruin the tour, by talking or not paying attention. And then there is the tour itself. They’re interesting, but you get the same that everybody else gets. A polished up tour with all the usual stuff.

With us you can book a private tour just for you and your group, and really make it your own. And we offer more than a traditional tour. 

Every tour has a pitstop at Hulschers. We offer one free typical Dutch fried snack called … Read more

The weapon of Amsterdam

Everywhere you go in Amsterdam, you will see the 3 crosses appear. And we get a lot of questions about the famous crosses. What does it mean? What’s the origin? What do they stand for? Well, today we’re gonna explain what they stand for. 

The three crosses, or sometimes referred to as X’s, are a part of the weapon of Amsterdam. The weapon of Amsterdam is a banner with two lions holding up a shield with the three crosses, and a crown on top. Underneath it, there are three words: ‘Heldhaftig, Vastberaden, Barmhartig’. Respectively, they mean ‘Heroic, Determined, Merciful’. These … Read more