Canada Legalizes Marijuana

Ohhhhhhhh Canada!!!!!

our home and native laaaaaaaand. True patriot looooooooove, in ALL THY SONS COMMAND!




(Yes guys, I literally know every word of the Canadian national anthem) and we are singing their praises today

Canada has become the second country in the world, to legalize cannabis use for recreational purposes! Hooray Can you imagine it!



More countries are jumping on board with this, in order to take the power away from drug dealers, and give it back to the people. Cannabis has been known for thousands of years to provide medical benefits for people suffering from AIDS, CANCER , Multiple Sclerosis and other harmful diseases that have been afflicting the human population for eons. Its about time we wise up and allow it to be used since it is no more harmful ( actually its completely less harmful) then alcohol, or nicotine!


Nice to see a nation moving in the right direction ( as opposed to the United States, which just keeps getting more and more strange)


Luckily here in the Netherlands, one of the first countries on earth to experiment with decriminilizing drugs, we are well experienced in the sale and commerce of cannabis!


Our famous coffeeshops have created a wealth of tourism in our little country, while educating the youngters on proper use. Its so great that the average dutch person does NOT smoke marijuana.


Hmmm I ll say that again. The average Dutch citizen, does NOT smoke marijuana, can you believe it?


Whats interesting is that in living here, you do talk to lots of the people here, ( As everyone speaks English) and find out that they experiment with it of course as early as 15. By the time they are 18 or 19 they have had enough marijuana and usually have settled quite nicely into society as hard working individuals. For some reason theres a thought that marijuana is a gateway drug, that will open you up to a possibility of all sorts of evils. Newsflash people. Alcohol is the original gateway drug.




I dont know about anyone else, but for me, when I have a drink  ( and it can start as innocently as wine or a beer with dinner), my guard gets let down and I want to continue until I cant feel my face. Not mentioning exactly which drugs I might have tried, but all I can tell you is that they were all open for businesses as soon as my lips touched alcohol!.

Now that im a grown up ( I just paid my taxes so HA!)



I have now quieted my ways and have blended in with the rest of the dutchies. If its there and you want to take a toke, ok do it, and if not, no big deal. There is not some little green man sitting on my shoulder, whispering the sweet nothings of cannabis use in my ear.

If there were, I would probably need some weed to make it go away now that I think about it


But moreover, it just becomes as easy or as fine as just drinking a beer or wine with dinner, and with everything, as the Dutch would say, you must do it with “mate”






So to Canada I say, great job jumping on the bandwagon and good job. Also your prime minister is hot and makes me feel things like when i was 15 year old boy.

Hooray for Canada! keep Smoking!


Come on a tour of Amsterdam and the Netherlands and see how cool we are, who knows we might even develop a tour in Canada!


Stayed tuned in this space !

Yours truly