Big Changes but Change is Good!

Hello people on the interwebs

Its been a hell of a year already in 2019 with huge changes in Amsterdam. The new mayor Femke Halsema, has been dead set on changing up things in Amsterdam.

One of the first changes is there are no more scooters allowed on the bicycle path. They have to now ride on the main roads with the cars( even though they arent allowed to go as fast as the cars), also it is now mandatory to wear a helmet. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but people are staging protests all over Amsterdam against these actions.

Everyone with a scooter, crowded the A10 ( thats the highway) to slow traffic to show them that scooters shouldnt be allowed on the main roads with cars!

And All Dutch people have been complaining that the helmet will mess with their dutch hair, this was a real complaint!

All in all there have been more changes for us here at Oranje Umbrella also. The Red Light district tours have now changed time. All tours are now mandatory to end around 19.00, and since our tour goes through the banned areas around this time, we had to change our tour start time to 18.00 for now in the red light district. We thought it was a bad change as well, but believe it or not we are still busy and there is still lots to see in the red light district this early. Since we are doing it whilst there is still day light, the red light district is a lot less scarier, and you are able to watch your step and not step in any …..well……sticky places….

So while yes change is scary, its good for growth and keeping you on your toes. What changes have you gone through so far in 2019? Are they good or bad? Let us know in the comments and thanks for all the support. We’ve already had 2.500 Visitors on our tours this year! Can you imagine! Thats the same amount of personalities I have in my head! Brilliant




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