Beyonce, thats right Queen Bey is in Amsterdam

Hello guys and dolls and welcome to another lovely time here in Amsterdam


Spring has sprung, the birds are in the air, and the bees are buzzing!



Thats right our favorite woman Beyonce is in Amsterdam!

She is doing a two day sold out concert here with her husband jay-z and the city is on fire!

Its so great that even our Queen Maxima of the Netherlands decided to attend a concert in the super deluxe royal box!



Did you know that Beyonce, who was the lead member of Destiny child came to Amsterdam for the first time in the year 2001?


Did you ALSO know that they all did a video, and it is HIGHLY ( no pun intended there) expected that she and her crew, were a little spaced out on le ganja?  Thats right, Queen Bey, Kelly and Michelle ( who I swear more people should pay attention to…….but doesnt)



Were all spaced out on their journey. Have a look at the video here!


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Dont worry tho!

The marijuana here is safe and is tested by local authorities to make sure that everyone enjoying it, can do so without harmful addtitives or illegal drugs. We take the power out of the drug dealer here and give it back to the people!


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