Last Chance Red Light Tours

Well our tours are still strolling along into summer. Can you believe it’s summer 2019 already! Time flies when your looking at boobies. This is however again your last chance to look at boobies in the red light district, do shots with us, learn about the neighborhood, and find out what to do and what NOT to do in the red light district. We know you hear it from so many other tours, but ours really is different. There are no scripts, there is no format ,and each tour can be different. It all depends on you! Our tours touch … Read more

Last Chance ! Last Dance

Can you imagine kids, an era is coming to an end here in Amsterdam. The Red Light District tour has officially been banned in Amsterdam! Can you imagine? No more fun strolling past the windows and learning about the history or about the stories of the women. You will have to wonder through it on your own. For some reason the Amsterdam gementee ( that means the municipality) think that will help decrease the noise and foot traffic of the red light district. After writing a lengthy letter to the mayor (Burgemeester Femka Halesma) Of Amsterdam and the city council, … Read more

Happy New Years!

Can you imagine, 20.000 guests later, we are still here! We are super excited that our shop is open! We are expanding and ready for a wonderful 2019.

Some of the highlights from 2018 are the 20.000 Guests on all of our tours, and then we opened our ganja shop online!

We had guests like Conor McGregor , Chingy hung out with Olivier Rousteing , Ellie Goulding and more

We had people learn about Anne Frank, the Dutch Resistance in World War 2, Smoke Marijuana, Learn about the red light district, explore dutch food and treats, drank some champagne … Read more

Winter is coming!

Winter is coming!!! …..Ok Im kinda late cause like winter is here. but….




Anyway. Everyone is gathering around fireplaces and preparing themselves for the holiday season. Alot of people are curious about whats happening here in Amsterdam, and I can tell you the last weeks………not that much

But ! as soon as we get to December 1, its already busy with us!


Cause we are awesome thats why.

Lots of fun things are coming up in the Dutch culture. For example the conversations around Zwarte Piet are popping up again. What is Zwarte Piet you … Read more

Up in Smoke Campaign!

Did you know that I am an international world acclaimed fashion designer?

Me neither!…….. But Im going to give it a try. Coupled with some of the most talented graphic designers in the world I am all about packages. I know that sounds dirty, but what I mean is how products are displayed to the world. I am obsessed with taking something that is otherwise dirty, and usually shabby, and showing it off like its a diamond freshly made. Makes sense right?

Sort of a rags to riches look, and that’s exactly what I did with our ganja tour. … Read more

Winter Time Is Here

Do you feel the cold in the air,

Is it sending chills down your spine. You could be indeed experiencing, Winter!

After an amazing summer, that was totally extended into the end of October ( Due to global warming, but dont tell Donald Trump that) We had an amazing summer here. Over 6,586 Tickets sold, to more than 9.000 People who joined in on our adventures!

Now as we are looking forward to wrapping up 2018, heres some new developments here at Oranje Umbrella.

We have developed the red light district game tour! Its one thing to just walk around … Read more

Ripleys believe it or not! Get Married for a day!

Theres alot of buzz around Pride season, and here in Amsterdam we are just getting into gear!



Amsterdam is the center and home of gay rights and is one of the friendliest and most tolerant LGBT cities in Europe !

Included in our fair city is the Ripleys Believe it or not experience, Amsterdams wierdest museum. This wonderful attraction is hosting an event for this coming pride weekend, get married for a day!



If you and a friend , partner, loved one, or your dog want to get officialy married for … Read more

Amsterdam Gay Pride


Come on an adventure today

Pride season is here and its a great time to be Queer!


Everyone is participating this Saturday in one of largest biggest Gay Pride festivals in Europe! Gay , straight, questioning, Bisexual, Non binary, pansexual etc etc, everyone is welcome in Amsterdam and we hope you are coming to join as well.

The Netherlands has been a gay rights leader since they have enabled gay marriage( one of the first countries in the world to do so) in 2001. As a result the Netherlands has been an area where refugees from other countries … Read more

World Cup Germany ! Die Weltmeisterschaft DEUTSCHLAND HUP HUP!!

Can you believe it was just four years ago of the last world cup. Time flies quickly people. I was working in a cafe as a bartender and sometimes doing tours on the side to earn extra money and watching all of the action with a beer in hand. It was crazy busy and people from all around the world were coming in and showing pride for their country playing. Really a wonderful first experience for me living here in Amsterdam


In an awe inspiring series of events during the 2014 World Cup ,we have seen the German players … Read more

Canada Legalizes Marijuana

Ohhhhhhhh Canada!!!!!

our home and native laaaaaaaand. True patriot looooooooove, in ALL THY SONS COMMAND!




(Yes guys, I literally know every word of the Canadian national anthem) and we are singing their praises today

Canada has become the second country in the world, to legalize cannabis use for recreational purposes! Hooray Can you imagine it!



More countries are jumping on board with this, in order to take the power away from drug dealers, and give it back to the people. Cannabis has been known for thousands of years to provide medical benefits for people suffering … Read more