Amsterdam Gay Pride


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Pride season is here and its a great time to be Queer!


Everyone is participating this Saturday in one of largest biggest Gay Pride festivals in Europe! Gay , straight, questioning, Bisexual, Non binary, pansexual etc etc, everyone is welcome in Amsterdam and we hope you are coming to join as well.

The Netherlands has been a gay rights leader since they have enabled gay marriage( one of the first countries in the world to do so) in 2001. As a result the Netherlands has been an area where refugees from other countries have fled to as a result of their tolerant and open nature.


As a result our Gay pride festival, is a celebration that everyone can join in on. The legendary canal parade is soemthing that is celebrated in Amsterdam only twice a year; Kings Day and the Gay Pride parade.


Expect colorful decorations, lots of fun welcoming people and of course, alcohol flowing on every corner!!

Make sure you join early. The canal parade starts at 14:00 so you can get a good place on the Prinsengracht, near the Anne Frank Huis, is one of the best places!



Of course our tours are still running these days, so make sure you couple your time here for Gay pride with a fun, adventurous Ganja or red light district tour to get your vacation started right!

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Come on an adventure today