World Cup Germany ! Die Weltmeisterschaft DEUTSCHLAND HUP HUP!!

Can you believe it was just four years ago of the last world cup. Time flies quickly people. I was working in a cafe as a bartender and sometimes doing tours on the side to earn extra money and watching all of the action with a beer in hand. It was crazy busy and people from all around the world were coming in and showing pride for their country playing. Really a wonderful first experience for me living here in Amsterdam


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Canada Legalizes Marijuana

Ohhhhhhhh Canada!!!!!

our home and native laaaaaaaand. True patriot looooooooove, in ALL THY SONS COMMAND!




(Yes guys, I literally know every word of the Canadian national anthem) and we are singing their praises today

Canada has become the second country in the world, to legalize cannabis use for recreational purposes! Hooray Can you imagine it!



More countries are jumping on board with this, in order to take the power away from drug dealers, and give it back to the people. Cannabis has been known for thousands of years to provide medical benefits for people suffering … Read more

Beyonce, thats right Queen Bey is in Amsterdam

Hello guys and dolls and welcome to another lovely time here in Amsterdam


Spring has sprung, the birds are in the air, and the bees are buzzing!



Thats right our favorite woman Beyonce is in Amsterdam!

She is doing a two day sold out concert here with her husband jay-z and the city is on fire!

Its so great that even our Queen Maxima of the Netherlands decided to attend a concert in the super deluxe royal box!



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