Carnival Dutch Style!!!!

Ah Spring is almost here,


But you wouldn’t know it!


With the never ending rain storms,and for the first time in a while, snow in Amsterdam we have been feeling the winter city blues. But no worries, with every dark cloud comes of course with a silver lining. Here in the Netherlands, mostly in the southern part of our country we have huge celebrations known as “carnaval”


The areas known as Brabant and Limburg in the Netherlands are predominantly catholic areas where the tradition of carnival marks the preparation of starting Lent. It takes places in various … Read more

Why you should make Amsterdam your Spring holiday destination

Finding an appropriate holiday destination to suit your needs can be stressful. Where to go, when to go, what’s going on while you’re there and so on. I’m going to try and answer all of the above and assist you in making a decision that will forever be memorable.

Amsterdam’s high seasons when the most tourists decide to holiday here are summer and winter. This leaves the fall and spring seasons for the more affordable pricing of hotel rooms, and when prices of everything visitors spend their money on are lower. With Amsterdam enduring cold winter periods, the spring starts Read more

VALENTINES DAY 2017 IN AMSTERDAM – What to do, where to stay, where to eat?

This is a post for all the couples, both young and elderly, who might be traveling to Amsterdam over the Valentines period. What more can you ask for to spend a few days exploring and doing different entertaining activities around Amsterdam with your lover, which will surely make your Amsterdam getaway worth your while.


The most important part of your Amsterdam getaway is to find a suitable hotel that will meet you and your partners needs.


The Hoxton Hotel – Waking up with a view of Amsterdam’s beautiful canals from your hotel room can be one of the … Read more