Welcome new German and English Tour Guide Corinna!!

Hoi allemaal! My name is Corinna and I am a born-and-bread Austrian, however I have called 
Amsterdam my home for the past few years. As a passionate traveller and expat, I have gotten to know 
what it is like to live in this truly amazing place, gotten to know locals as well as internationals, 
explored the city’s hidden treasures and have fallen in love with Amsterdam’s canals and its “gezellig” 
(cozy) environment. Through being a student in this city I have learnt pretty much everything about 
the bars, restaurants and the city’s nightlife and therefore 
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The Numbers are in!!!

Halloween Staf Partygroup photo oranjeIMG_3317IMG_2904group fun walking photo

selfie stick 3 ganja tourIMG_3132IMG_2036IMG_1537

So , after a interesting and fun Valentines day weekend our get your guide web page was finally updated with some lovely photos from last summers tour. This of course got me thinking as to how many people did we have on our walking tours last year in Amsterdam. It seems like a blur and with 8 tour guides helping out to get people around Amsterdam, it almost feels like we´ve had only 200 people on our tours. Luckily, I couldnt have been more wrong. We´ve had 2,610 people on our tours! This doesn´t count the people who have joined … Read more