2015 !! Adventure time!!!! by Jessica Evans

Amsterdam or Bust

Photo Credit: mariocutroneo via Compfight cc

It’s time to admit that you’ve got wanderlust pumping through your veins. You’ve grown tired of your usual scenery, and your everyday life seems stagnant. Let’s agree to the fact that 2015 is the year that you are going to throw caution to the wind, and take the vacation of your dreams. You are dreaming about a trip to Amsterdam. You’ve read enough about the Red Light District, scenic canals, and the museums. You are ready to experience it in person. You know what? I don’t blame you. With history, culture, coffee shops galore and activities so abundant – you would be crazy not to want to tour Amsterdam. So do it. Make that dream a reality.

That time is now. You finally bought that plane ticket, and have found yourself a place to stay. What are you going to next? After putting in your PTO, but before you excitedly start packing, there is one more step you need to check off your list. That’s right – you need to start planning your Amsterdam activities. You might be half way there mentally, but what are you doing to do after the plane touches the tarmac? The research to that question is easy because the answer is so simple. A walking tour is what you need.

The best way, to get a real taste of Amsterdam culture, is by signing yourself up for a walking tour. Having a guide walk you through the most prominent areas gives you the opportunity to delve into the city’s ethos and experience it first-hand. Lace up your kicks and ready yourself to absorb all of the information s guide has to offer. More importantly, be guided through the town’s local coffee shops, walk along the canals, kick back and relax for a while. What more do you need? This may be a loaded question when you are in Amsterdam. In this city, it may not only be what you need. It could be all of what you are willing to open yourself up to experience.

What’s my perfect walking tour? Glad you asked! My dream tour would be to see the sights of the Red Light District, and spend time sampling the gourmet foods Amsterdam has to offer. There would be nothing better to bring back to my everyday reality than the tales of what I witnessed in the district and a stash of cheese from Central Station. I would grab a pint at Café Remember and observe the comings and goings of the Red Light District. To me, that’s the heart of a walking tour.

It’s not just about learning the history (there is no quiz at the end!) but an experience and a feeling. The most exciting part of exploring is walking away from your trip with an appreciation for the culture, and what Amsterdam has to offer. A far cry from your usual scenery, right?

The New Year is upon us, which means it’s finally time to say to yourself, Amsterdam or Bust!



jessicaJessica Evans is a freelance writer who suffers from an extreme case of wanderlust. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her dreaming about visiting Van Gogh’s museum or wishing she were sitting at a quaint café sipping an espresso in Paris. You can find her at JessicaAudacious.com.