Amsterdam is AWESOME at Christmas ( walking tour)

Our top secret labs are currently developing some new products and activities to roll out to your our happy customer. Have you been on one of our walking tours and wandered can it get any better! Well , yes, it totally can!


Amsterdam at Christmas is almost as awesome as Amsterdam in the spring/summer( sometimes the cold can suck, but we’ll have ways to keep you warm during our walking tour. ( So didn’t mean that in a dirty way)

I stumbled across a wonderful article that spells out the awesomeness that is Amsterdam, even if you don’t take … Read more

Get Your Guide

Have you found us on Get Your Guide ?


We have a fabulous working partnership with two large booking companies. Get your guide, and, who is our working partnership with TUI AG. Although you can book any of our tours on these websites, you can’t have access to our ultimate walking tours of Amsterdam’s Red Light District( including shots) on these websites. Also our bicycle tours are not available through these websites however, if your looking for these tours just book them here at
We have diverse tours to tempt every pallete, whether the allure of the … Read more

Picture Updates

We love having people on our tours and sometimes we get a bit caught up in trying to post pictures and run a busy tour guide company, but somehow we manage!


here are a few new onesIMG_0055 IMG_0134





With winter coming we’d thought that our tours would start slowing down, but they have steadily been increasing! Walking around Amsterdam can get confusing, so we like to have our private tour guides lead you and your group around so you don’t spend away precious minutes wandering around looking for the Rijks museum, whilst your in the cold!… Read more