Structured to be your best friend

So recently we had a bad review for one of our tours.

:waits for audience gasp:

Why would we bring any attention to this? Well because as a business, you can’t make everyone happy and we want to shed some light on it. At first, we responded emotionally and then, once we got a hold of ourselves realized that maybe some people aren’t taking the time to read the description of our tours and get the reason why we want you to feel like your walking around with your friend, and not just a ” tour guide”.

The passion behind … Read more

Red Light District (Walking and Party Tour)

We’ve always enjoyed showing off the red light district during out party/walking tour but not many people are familiar with its historical backgrounds. While the area remained a popular area for the last 300 years, it wasn’t always the large neighborhood its known for today.

redlightback redlight district redlightstag Red LIghts


The actual Dutch word for the red light distrcit is ” Die Wallen”, or the walls. This area used to be a sea harbour until after the time of Napoleon ( approximately 1817) During this time, sailors and navy men used to congregate along the harbour and wanted special services. During times of prohibition … Read more

Roaming around the past photos of Amsterdam

A good friend of ours showed our staff at the Oranje Umbrella some cool pictures of Amsterdam form the 1890’s on. After doing dozens of walking tours, I’ve become well acquainted with the history, and changes made over time here in Amsterdam. Looking at the pictures, however, makes it even more surreal as you can visibly see the change not only in style, clothes, but also the terrain! Over time, dams were filled in, canals built, and even more beauty added to the unique city that is our Amsterdam. Here is a look at some of the fun pictures I … Read more

For our Russian friends!

Столица Королевства Нидерландов, Амстердам, заработал свою репутацию одного из самых либеральных городов своей традицией коммерции которая зародилась еще в средних веках. Находясь в центре Европы, столица “низких земель”, благодаря своему удобному месторасположению привлекает как комменсантов так и туристов. Благоприятные налоговые законы способствует успешным коммерческим сделкам. Проституция и продажа марихуаны являются уже многие годы одними из главных источников дохода для города. Для туриста, посещающего город в первый раз, легко можно запутаться в Квартале красных фонарей или в поиске хорошего кофешопа. Опытные экскурсоводы, знающие “входы и выходы”, помогут найти подходящий кофешоп (coffee shop) или сориетрироваться в центре города с труднопроизносимыми названиями улиц. … Read more

Now offering tours in Russian!

Its been a busy summer season here at the Oranje Umbrella. Literally over 100 walking tours have been conducted and booked here in Amsterdam and we’re JUST getting started. Our coffee shop tours are non scripted, fun, and personal, so that each walking tour( no matter the size) makes you feel like your on a private tour. Whether your interested in the red light district, the history the cannabis and coffeeshops, or the cheese, we have a tour to show you the best Amsterdam has to offer. Remember, we are here just to get you set up in Amsterdam, so … Read more

Gearing up for fall in Amsterdam

Breath in, and then out again. Do you feel the crispness in the air?

Are you smelling fireplaces, and sipping on warm drinks?

Then you have reached fall time in Amsterdam. Well not on this particular day as its 23 degrees Celsius , however it’s coming soon!

With that comes some fun and festive events such as the Cannabis Cup, and of course the Amsterdam Dance Event. These events will bring thousands of people to our small city and we expect there are somethings you’ll want to check out.


AmsterCam August 2014 -1332


The Cannabis Cup will be hosted in Amsterdam during … Read more