Red Light Ganja Tour

Take Your Pick

by Erik Adofo-Mensah

A recent guest on one of our coffee shop walking tours, commented on some of the ” best picks” that one of our tour guides, who prefers to be called ” OD” had to offer. OD lives in one of the most historical neighborhoods in the center of Amsterdam, and frequents two coffee shops. “The Dampkring” or atmosphere, and its sister coffee shop “The Tweede Kamer”. The Dampkring was actually featured in Oceans 12, and visited by movie stars Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Matt Damon. The Tweede Kamer, means the second room, and … Read more

Dutch Cheese and Food

What the hell are we eating?

by Erik Adofo-Mensah

So here it is, Saturday night, and I have some great friends in town that are ready for me to take them out for all sorts of Dutch treats. Well how in the world should I begin to introduce anyone to Dutch culture. I mean ,sure there’s lots of great things that everyone assumes like Apple pie, and maybe Licorice ( also known as Drop) but is there more than stroop waffels to offer! Yes of course! I can just take them on a food walking tour. There’s at least 1,000 … Read more

Coffeeshop Eerste Hulp

by Erik Adofo-Mensah

On my travels through Amsterdam, I have run  into dozens of different coffee shops with a myriad of different themes and names. One shop in particular I always like to highlight on our connossieur coffee shop tour is the Eerste Hulp, or the First Aid coffee shop in Amsterdam. Located in the center of Amsterdam, this great shop is only for the brave in heart. Although they have weed strengths varying from mild to ” omg what century is this” they have varying cannabis products that are unusual to your average marijuana smoker. The isolator, or ice, … Read more

Abraxas Coffeeshop

By Erik Adofo-Mensah

Whenever doing a walking tour of Amsterdam, I always start my friendliest coffee shop on the tour. Of course it used to be a café, but today, coffee shop Abraxas has been dishing out marijuana goodies with a smile for the last 20 years. With an automatic sliding door, and a wide-open lobby, a coffee shop worker will always greet you and help you with the menu. Most coffee shops, especially if they are busy, will just want you to buy something and get out, however, if your new to Amsterdam and want to try some form … Read more

Why you should take a walking tour

Walking tours, Amsterdam and You

By Erik Adofo-Mensah

Have you ever traveled? Well I know that was a stupid question because you wouldn’t have stumbled on our tour guide page if you weren’t interested in traveling. A lot of times people wonder why in the world did I get into doing tours, or why should you take a walking tour in Amsterdam, or any city for that matter. I’m the adventurous type, and I’ve never taken a walking tour in Amsterdam, or any other city before. I have explored Paris, Oslo, Helsinki, Munich, Rome, Strasbourg, and Tunis all by myself … Read more