Ultimate Ganja Walking Tour

Our best selling tour of 2013,2014,2015 and 2016!!!!! we have had a blast taking  more than 6,451 tourists and residents alike around the best locations that Amsterdam has to offer. From “Gezellig” (dutch word for cozy, relaxed, warm etc) and cool coffee shops, to sampling Dutch whiskeys, Dutch beer, and treats like  “bitterballen” at our Dutch-Irish pub.
Take an in-depth look into the world of cannabis in Amsterdam. Learn about its legalization and history, and discover the coffee shops that sell the highest quality, most effective ganja.

Tour Duration: 2 hours option or 3 hours option
(Usually)Maximum Number of People:30
Tour Type: Walking Only
Tour Price: Starting from €14.95 per person


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MEETING POINT H&M DAM SQUARE ROYAL PALACE BY THE DOORS of Swarovski (Meeting point is repeated on booking page when entering credit card information!)

Tour highlights:

  • Indepth Coffeeshops visit ( 3 hours option, 2 coffeshops on 2 hours option) coolest, famous, SAFEST coffeeshops in Amsterdam
  • Comfy Seating In a Pub in Amsterdam
  • Historical introduction to Amsterdam and the history of the Royal Palace, Marijuana History
  • Museum Visit and Game
  • Secret Hidden Medieval Courtyard- Hard to find ( Begijnhof)
  • Best shopping advice (clothes, gifts, Dutch treats, etc.)
  • Avoid getting lost in big city!
  • Feel comfortable walking around the whips, chains, and leather center of Amsterdam by coming on the Red Light District Portion at the end of the ganja tour only 4€ extra!


What’s included:

  • Knowledgeable,  Salaried, Charismatic Local tour guide
  • Detailed information including history, advice, tips and directions for Amsterdam
  • Free Snacks on the 3 hours snack tour included! ( recommended after visiting a coffee shop)
  • Safety in Coffee Shops

What’s NOT included:

  • Price of drinks
  • Coffeeshop purchases


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